CWRW 01/25/2021. Learning Socialism

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It’s  Monday January 25, 2021 and its time to break out your best coffee beans, and begin grinding it up and prepare your cup of warm brew.

This is the Morning Show that Makes you Hate All Morning Shows. You Come for the Coffee and forget the details.   Don’t forget to follow on Twitter and Be apart of the Discord Server.  So Thank you for joining us and enjoy the rest of the show with your host…………Ralph……….Willi am


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(148) Capitalism vs. socialism: What does a real socialist system look like? – YouTube


Some people say that socialism leads to communism so you are the differences.


(148) Socialism Vs Communism | What is the difference between Socialism and Communism? – YouTube


Some of the socialistic models are coming from Sweden let’s see the differences with Sweden and America


(148) American Capitalism vs. Swedish Socialism? 🤔 You Decide 🇸🇪🇺🇸 – YouTube


Put the three minute mark


(148) Ep. 1268 Why Socialism Sucks. An Interview with Dinesh D’Souza – The Dan Bongino Show® – YouTube


Socialism means no freedom


Socialism opposes the American (149)



Life in CubaEverything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie – YouTube

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