CWRW 01/13/2021

We discuss President Trump being shadow banned from all media at a speech in Texas.  We talk about a PBS Lawyer being on camera talking about re educating republican’s children’s..  We talk about Miltdog2020 doing a show on poetry and music on this day.  Any we shout out local businesses with good food near you.  If you have a local business you want to spotlight and drive some traffic too let us know in the show.  Help support local

This is the Morning Show that Makes you Hate All Morning Shows.  Don’t forget to follow




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It’s  a hump Day Jan 13, 2021 and its time for coffee.. Grab a tasty brew join us in the coffee shop  If you are new to the show let me school you in some things you should know.

This is the Morning Show that Makes you Hate All Morning Shows. You Come for the Coffee and forget the details.   Don’t forget to follow on Twitter and Instagram.


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  3. Mute yourself when not talking or I will Mute You.
  4. Allow others to speak before speaking.
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